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Nothing Scripted Millennial Monopoly Edition

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One thought on “Nothing Scripted Millennial Monopoly Edition”

  1. 30amanager says:

    Paula stuff. Hydration word should probably be Millennial.
    Paul’s Jokes
    Other News
    Florida man breaks into restaurant, strips naked, eats noodles, plays bongos
    Jenga Guy Video
    Florida man’s mugshot goes viral, draws a slew of ‘neck’ jokes
    Billy Idol became a U.S. citizen on Wednesday
    Big thing this week:
    Millennials are butthurt over new Monopoly Game
    Millennial Quote/Meme
    Millenials Game Cover (You need to really examine it)
    Understanding Millennials segment: Their words (Play guess the definition with audience):
    “Netflix and chill.”
    “Sorry not sorry”
    “Sipping” or “Spilling the tea”
    “Goals AF”
    “On fleek”
    “Fire” (as an adjective)
    “Humble brag” Passive aggressive bragging
    “Turn Up, Turnt Up, Turned Up”

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